Frigid Friday

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woke up to 0 degree weather this morning and had a high of maybe 20 which is rather cold for Tennessee. For DH as well as he had to go under the house to fix a leak we had in the pipes. Then it was off to Lowes and Walmart to pick up the things he needed to fix the leak, weather strip the doors and get the window kits for weatherproofing. Ate at Subway in WalMart and I got a few groceries, and a couple of items I needed for crafting and then home we went. Ryan back to under the house and the boys down for rest and naps. While they were doing all that I was workin on Connor's scarf, i did promise to make him one and yes I got it finished today...he loves it as you can see

I am now tryin to decide if I want to start on my stitchery pattern I made or a new shawl to crochet. It will probably be the stitchery because I am curious to see how it will turn out for my first pattern.

I also made up some Brownies N A Jar for my etsy easy and fun to make...

I have been gettin a few views in my store, but only one sale so far....but i have only had it open for about a week so I know it takes time. I will just keep workin on my projects and I know that someone will stop and find something they can't live without...:)

That is about all I have today,not very exciting, I will hopefully have more to post about this weekend.

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