Talkative Thursday

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That's what I feel like today...being Talkative....but alas my best friend is girlfriend from school is probably working...and my parents are hopefully on the road driving down here...and hubby is I get to talk to all of YOU!! Aren't you so lucky!

I took a moment to catch up on the blogs that I follow this morning and found some interesting posts. With Easter right around the corner our house has a bag of Jelly Beans, which were confiscated by my hubby, and , well we DID have peeps but yeah I ate those. Ever wonder where these lovely treats came from? Well, check out The Muddy Moose Bath Boutiques newest post and you'll find out. Click HERE.

Now as i perused my list I found a wonderful giveaway over at my friend Briga's blog. check it out HERE. She has featured the Etsy shop of Aromalite, and I have to tell you I have quite a few of her items, from lip balm, to tealights, and even a sample of her great body spray and Milk Bath!! All great items...hop on over for your chance to win some great products from her.

I am very excited to sew today, I have a new pattern for graduated baby blocks that looks fun to make, but alas I must make myself do the final parent cleaning in preparation for the visit from Yaya and Papa. I think I can get both done today though so be on the watch for a new post later tonight with pictures. I did get some creative inspiration last night and added 3 more items to my etsy shop..hop on ever to see them!

Since I didn't have any great pictures to share I thought I would share a small sample of what is in my favorites on etsy right now! Enjoy and give these great artists some love! (they are at the bottom of my blog)

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