Newest Afghan in progress

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Well since my crochet items are getting good views and I am getting great feedback on them I decided to try and further my abilities. I found this shell afghan pattern at JoAnne's and figured I would give it a try. Here is what I have for progress. I have 11 more sets of the three colors to do, but now I have the pattern down so it shouldn't take long.

I also made up some more White Hot Chocolate today as I had sold out of it in my Etsy shop and had a couple more requests for it. It is so delicious!

Other than that it has been a laid back weekend. Hubby got our gutter that fell down in the wind storm last week fixed. Yay! Cream of Chicken with noodles over toast was for supper and now we have a Pokemon marathon we promised the boys they could watch before bed. I'll be plugging away at my afghan while they watch it.

Also another giveaway has been found over at for a set of mini thank you cards. They are soo cute. Hop on over and enter.

And I am doing fairly well on my diet soda, I have cut down to only one a day, and have been that way for the past 4 days. I just can't shake that last one yet. Oh well, one a day is better than having a 2 liter per day.

Have a great evening and I will post again later. Keep the comments coming.

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