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Happy Friday to all!

It's that time again, Family Friday. Today I don't have any funny stories to tell, I am looking for input on an idea I am thinking of implementing for my two boys. (ages 4 and 5) At this age all I hear at every toy commercial or whenever we go shopping is "I want that, I want that" Of course they get the same reply, we can't always get everything we want. But I am thinking of implementing an allowance for each of them. I want to create a chore chart for each of them and for every week they do all their chores they receive an allowance. Such as Connor (who is the oldest) could earn $5 a week if he does all his chores and JJ (the youngest) could earn $4 a week if he does his. That way they would have their own money to spend when we go shopping and they could save for that toy they really really want. But I need help with chore ideas. Besides the keeping clothes picked up, and toys picked up. I have setting the table and cleaning the table after supper (which they would alternate daily) Checking the animals food and water to make sure they are full. I am trying to decide how many chores they should have each day. 3? 4? 5?

I really want to try and instill the idea of saving for something you really want instead of just asking and receiving. And in the process get them involved in the daily routine of the house, give them a sense of accomplishment each day.

What is your idea? I would love to hear from everyone!

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