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Yup that's right, JJ is no officially a Karate Student...uniform and all! Doesn't he look tough. He LOVES Karate, and tries soo hard. He and his brother get to go practice with Hannah (a fellow student and daughter of one of my good friends) tomorrow. She is a brown belt and very good and she's only 10yrs old!

Now tonight at supper Ryan and I were discussing who JJ takes after more...well for those of you that know me well (mom) can you tell from this picture? Yes that is ketchup on his Mac N Cheese. Just like his mama...I could eat ketchup on just about anything and I think the little man is following in my footsteps.

Since it was Karate night, this mommy didn't do any major cooking, don't have a lot of time when we get back so tonight was fish sticks, Mac N Cheese, and cottage cheese. A favorite of the family it seems. Daddy even had 3rds, finishing off the last of the Mac N Cheese....lol

Not a lot done on the creative side. I did get some mini jars of my White Hot Chocolate mix made up today and posted on etsy. check it out www.primitivejunkie.etsy.com, and I stopped by the little store here in town where I have some of my items and chatted with the owner. We are going to do some crafting at the store on Saturday which I am looking forward to. Other than that not much else. Tomorrow will be about the same, other than going over to let the boys practice with Hannah, her mom and I will probably do some beading together as well. you can see some of the things I have made on my flickr..http://www.flickr.com/photos/primitivejunkie/.
Till tomorrow, have a good night everyone!

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