Monday Mahem

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Well it's Monday again, oldest goes back to school and hubby goes back to work and the weeks cycle begins again. I love the weekends but always seem to look forward to getting back into the weekly routine once again. We woke up to 25 degree weather and frost on everything, i will be so happy with this cold is gone. Though I know we are no where near as cold as some of the wonderful people in blog land.

I did some more creating this weekend. One thing I made was this cute crochet cuff. It started out as a wristlet that went wrong and I decided to make this cute cuff out of it. It is available in my etsy store. I think i will be making a few more of these this week as they come together rather quickly.

I also got some more done on my afghan, here is an updated picture of my progress. I am really liking how it came out.

I am working on coming up with some special days on my blog, stay tuned for how i decide to organize it. I am working on some cool theme ideas and am now in the deciding process.
I am also nearing my 100th post, so look for a giveaway soon in celebration of that wonderful day!
Until next time..keep warm and stay creative!

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