Family Friday and a couple of projects.

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Good morning blogland! It looks to be a bright and sunny day! I wanted to share with everyone that BOTH the boys got a stripe on their belts last night, That makes Connor's first one on his Jr. Gold belt which he just received last Thursday and JJ's third one, only two more till he gets to practice for his Jr. Gold belt exam. Yippee they were soooo excited, Sensei Kirby said they both had a great night last night. Yep you are reading the words of a very proud MaMa today!

Not sure what the movie for tonight is, but we will most definitely be doing some type of movie and popcorn as their reward.

I also want to brag on Connor a bit. In his kindergarten class he has a Monthly chart that is in his folder, each day the teacher writes down any issues he may have had for the day or puts a smiley face if he had a good day...Well so far for the month of March Connor has had a smiley face for everyday. I gave him a challenge, get a smiley face every day this month and mommy would get him a Wii game that he can play online with YaYa and PapPa! Needless to say he is working really really hard. Also today he has his first Spelling test, we have been working really hard this week on his words. His list is as follows

special challenge word: Are

He has been doing really well, monday was a bit hard as they were just starting to work on the word are, but today as we drove to school he passed my verbal test with flying colors...3 times! Let's cross our fingers that he does as well in class.

Today I plan to work on my Laundry Room Swap that I am in. I just have a couple of more things to work on before I send the package out. I have to be a bit mysterious because my swap partner just might read my post and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I also plan to work a bit on my quilt top, have to have that finished by Tuesday's class so we can work on the border and get it layered with the backing for the last class and the quilting process. I am excited for that class, we actually get to work with a practice piece on their long arm quilting cool will that be???

I also received more pendants in the mail the day before yesterday from Kevin over at KanYoFuse. I always get excited to open the packages cause he includes an additional thank you pendant and it's fun to see what he's picked out. I made up three more necklaces yesterday and popped them in my shop, you can see them HERE and i am getting them priced and will drop them off at the boutique uptown today when i go pick Connor up. Traffic has picked up in the shop so wish me luck on sales!

Well that's about it for the day. I am compiling the information for my Easter/Spring giveaway so please stay on the lookout for that post. Such great artists are participating and I think you will be just as excited about it as I am!!

Till next time, enjoy your day!

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