Kitchen Elves

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That is what I wish for. As i sat last night making yet another list of things that must get done before we leave Saturday morning the top one on my list yet again was to clean the kitchen. Something I have done everyday this week, yet never seem to get anywhere on it. I got to thinking, if only I had Kitchen Elves that snuck in at night and cleaned up for me, life would be so much easier. Anyone that knows me can tell you I HATE cleaning the kitchen with a passion. Yet it is a necessity. Now if I were like my mom, my kitchen, well my whole house would be spotless. She never rests, always up doing something and if you have a cup or glass that you might have just emptied make sure to keep it in your sights cause she is very likely to come around and snatch it up and wash it before you have had a chance to refill Just ask my DH it has happened to him more than once. But alas I am not like that, not nearly as obsessive as my mother is about everything having it's place and it being in it. Maybe I should be...

So today is another day of cleaning, laundry, packing and such before we leave for vacation on Saturday. Each day seems to bring one more thing I forgot to do or pack, each morning starts with looking over yesterday's list and starting a new one for today. So with that, I must say good day for today. I will leave you with this....I want to know What is your least favorite house chore and a funny story to go with the reason.......

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