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Yes, I said it. I have had yet another sale from my etsy shop, funny thing is it's another mom that I know so it's not actually through etsy, but that's ok with me. My sheep sampler sold, I am so excited. I am now workin on a stitchery pattern for valentines day. I hope to finish it and get it stitched in the next day or so. I will then frame it and hopefully have it up for sale as well.

My shawl is coming along nicely. (it's pictured above with samson the want to be model)So great to sit and work on it while the boys play or watch a movie and so nice to relax after they go to bed and work on it for a couple of hours. I really enjoy crocheting, how everyone turns from a skein of yarn into so many different things, a scarf, shawl, cap, afghan, and many more things that I am not experienced enough to make. I love seeing how different colors can work together as well.

On the homefront note, we had our heating unit serviced today, hadn't done it in the three years since we bought the house. My friend Tiffany's dad came over today to take a look at it ( he has his own HVAC business) He said things look good, but it may only get us through this winter and one more if we are lucky, he pulled out about a half gallon of rust from the unit. Our house was built in 1955 and I asked him if he could tell how old the unit was, he couldn't read the serial number but said that it is highly possible that it is the original unit. So it looks like we may be gettin a quote on a new all in one unit soon. (our a/c is about the same age as well) Looks like that will be the next home project we will be budgeting and saving for. Weee! (said with some sarcasm) But that all comes with owning your own home.

Well off to help Connor with his homework, finish laundry and plan supper.

Happy Crafting.

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