Super Sewing Saturday

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Today has been a very productive day!

A new store opened up here in town last week, Mary @ the's a unique boutique and fabric room. Very cute shop and she has a small but very nice selection of fabrics. I stopped by last week and spent about 30 minutes talking with the owner. She has a few local crafters who sell in her shop, a gal who makes candles and another local who makes soaps and such for her. I found out that she is all about supporting the local talent and has the availability for others to sell their products/crafts in her store for a small monthly fee, so after going home i thought...why not, I am making a few things to take in and have her display/sell in December and see how it takes off. So that is what i have been working on today, I have been making fabric coasters and placemats. I have pictured what i have done so far...I am also going to do a few fabrick ornies but need to get them stitched up first, that may be my project for tomorrow.

The boys and I also made jello jigglers today, that was fun, snowmen, bells, candy canes, stars, all christmas shapes. Half of them are gone already....:)

I also got in the rest of the fabric that i had ordered for JJ's quilt, can't wait to figure out what pattern i am going to do so I can get the pieces cut out. I will post a pic of the fabrics soon.

So for today i fell like I have accomplished quite a bit. More to be done though...

Until Next time...Happy crafting

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