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That is the newest rule for this household. I was getting Connor ready for Karate and he said he didn't want to go, actually threw a fit about it. When I asked him why, he said cause he would miss his TV shows. So I decided that we needed to take a break from TV. He has gone with Daddy now to let Sensei know that he doesn't want to come to Karate, I am hoping once he gets there he will change his mind once he sees the other kids, but if not he and daddy will be coming home and we will find other ways to entertain ourselves. We did go out shopping today and they were both very good so they got to pick out a 1.99 puzzle each and then we all picked out a new family board game. Chutes and Ladders....i believe those will be on the agenda tonight, but tomorrow will prove to be a different story. I told him there is plenty more he and his brother can do than just watch TV. So tomorrow i believe we are going to paint birdhouses and if the humidity isn't bad we will go outside to do some type of activity, like look for what kind of bugs we have around here and look them up to see what they are and what they do for the environment. He has gotten a sudden fear of spiders, so I want to try and make some things that may seem scary into something fun and good.

We are going through some not wanting to go to sleep issues, cause all he thinks of are scary things, so I also thought we could find some pictures of things and people he likes/loves and pring them out to make a collage for his room so he can see that at night or at nap time when he is going to sleep.

I think that we are going to limit the TV in their room to movies only in the future so that we can limit the amount of TV they are watching and be able to monitor what they can watch, at least for now.

I have posted the pictures I promised yesterday plus one of the boys playing with their playdough. Also if you can think of any other activities or projects that might be fun I am open to suggestions.

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