I have been featured!!

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Yep that's right I have been featured on another blog.

Brig over at http://brigabauble.blogspot.com/ has written a wonderful piece on me and my etsy shop! Check it out, leave a comment, and enjoy the wonderfully written piece she has on ME!

can you tell I'm excited???

Monday Madness

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Good morning everyone in blog land! Well it was another monday madness morning! I swear I need to invent an alarm clock that turns on my bedside lamp as well. Some wee little hands must have played with my snooze setting on my alarm this weekend as it went off once, i hit snooze (usually 5 min) and 59 min later it went off again!!! Thank goodness my alarm is set way early!! We got up with 30 min to get out the door for school. No tardy for Connor..yay! Poor guy's allergies are acting up for him right now though, so a dr appt has been made for this afternoon to get him a prescription because benadryl just isn't cutting it.

Well only one more week till the big Easter/Spring giveaway here on my little primitive blog. I am so excited for this as I have enlisted some fellow etsy artists for this one. I have been slowly receiving their donations and I wanted to show you what i have so far.

To start with I received this cute book mark from Judy over at PinkRoses Supply Shop. Who wouldn't want to have this to grace the pages of their book.

Next we have two great pendants from my buddy Kevin over at KanYoFuse. One I decided to add to with a great beaded chain. The other you will notice I have a special model for. :) Now the pictures do not do these pendants justice, and I will work on better pictures for the final giveaway photo, but I really wanted to show off what I had received so far.

I still have a couple more items that should be showing up this week, plus my additions to the pot. But you'll have to wait and see what those are when the time comes....hehe so keep a look out this week for updates as I receive the items in and the contest will start next Monday!

Have a great day and enjoy the warm weather if you have it!

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