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Well it has become cold and rainy today. We have gone from 80 degrees yesterday to 44 today with rain and a forecast of sleet and snow tomorrow...such weird weather. So today gets to be spent inside. I still can't decide what I want to work on. But I wanted to share with you the two different blocks that will make up the quilt we are doing in quilt class.

Last night I learned how to do triangles. Now I have to say they are not my favorite to do, but our teacher did show us a fairly easy way to do them. It will definitely help me to work on keeping my seems straight. So the two blocks above will be what creates the quilt. A total of 25 blocks will make up the lap quilt I am doing, plus and inner and outer border, then backing and binding. I meant to take my camera to class last night and take a picture of the finished example she has on the wall, but forgot to. I will try to do that next week.

I also have another afghan that I have started on, this one will probably be for one of the boys, I simply took 3 different colors of yarn and am doing a sc with a Q hook. very soft and warm.

Lastly I did make myself another necklace yesterday and even made earrings to match, pictured below. I think they came out well! I love how quickly these come together.

Well I am off to curl up under a blanket and watch Scooby Doo with JJ as I promised him earlier.

Happy crafting to everyone!

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