Ice Day

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Well that's what I call them here since we don't actually have snow and the kids are off from school once again. We had pretty icy roads this morning so when my alarm went off at 5:30am I turned the news on in the bedroom, saw that school was closed, turned the TV back off, shut my alarm off and went back to sleep! LOL at least until oh let's see the kids let me sleep till 7am, which was really good. Then breakfast and getting warm under the blankets on the couch. Once i was warm and had had my coffee, i decided it was time to work on my blanket for Connor's karate teacher since the Christmas party there is Thursday....I have to say it's not my best work, but for working with Minky fabric for the first time I don't think it's too it is.

Once that was finished, I decided to try working with it again since I had some left over. The office manager at the Karate Studio and his wife just had a baby girl, so I thought why not make her a Diva "lovie" blanket, something small she can learn to grasp onto, so here is my attempt at that....I think it turned out well, a little leopard print for the fashionista inside and some bold burgundy trim....

So that has been my projects for the day. .This now means I can get back to my Christmas fabric quilt tomorrow...hopefully :) With the parents coming in next week, the next few days may be spent cleaning and making sure that there isn't anything on the floors that the girls (that would be my mom's dogs) can get into....It is now that time of day to think about supper, I believe I am going to try out a new casserole recipe that i have for a taco bake casserole. Sounds good, looks easy, we'll see if the troops like it.

Till next time...Stay warm and happy crafting.

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