Guinea Pig growth

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Well, not much done today. Got my kitchen rearranged food wise and organized, then went grocery shopping, cute my list a bit once I realized I had a lot of the basics i am gonna need for suppers this week. Connorman came with me and was my helper, keepin track of what i needed and what we had gotten from my list. And as his reward he got to get two packages of Soft Mint sticks. (only 88 cents a piece) for him and JJ. Meanwhile JJ stayed at home and got to help Daddy outside clean up the back yard and deck and fix the merry go round we have outside for decoration. It was a fun day for the boys, overall they did very well playing together, I was quite impressed. If they could only do that on a more regular basis.

I took some pictures of the guinea pigs to show their growth progress in just a weeks time. 2 more weeks and we have to separate the boys from the girls, we haven't figured out the sex on all of them, but I think its gonna be hard to decide who we keep out of all of them since we need to have two of the same sex.. :( They are all so cute.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to sew the minky fabric onto the back of the quilt I made for Connor's Karate teacher, I am kind of excited about it. If it works out well, then I will hopefully get the rest of the blocks put together for the christmas quilt. I may also have enough fabric left over to make a small "lovey" blanket for someone or even a little stuffed animal if I can find a simple pattern.

That's about it for now...till tomorrow sometime.

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