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Well, still no babies, but i have included a picture of the mama, she holes up in her little igloo most days...poor thing just roots till her belly can be on the very bottom of her cage as you can see. I also posted a pic of our Thanksgiving day table, I was pretty proud of myself, everything came out great.

Also is a pic of the progress of the quilt for Connor's Karate teacher, I have two more squares to stitch but am waiting on a list of names from his class so that I can make sure everyone is represented in some way, then I will put the border on, which is the material that I have in the picture and then of course the minky which I will be ordering today. so since that is on a stand still for now, I think I will start working on the blocks for my Christmas quilt....after I clean the kitchen though...we did so much cooking and baking that I still don't have it all done...as soon as it was clean I made something else...its a never ending viscous cycle. If I could have a kitchen elf to clean just the kitchen I would be a very very happy mama.

Well it's back to school today for Connor, we have snow spitting down here and are suppose to get 1/2 inch. As I watched the news this morning half of the counties around us had already canceled school. Which only made me laugh, growing up unless we were getting a foot of snow or the roads were impassible we had school, I guess they just aren't as prepared here in Tennessee as we were in Illinois. So funny.

Well that's it for now, off to clean so that I can sew.

Happy crafting for all.

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