Family Friday

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Well I have decided to dub Friday's, Family Friday on my blog. With two little boys and DH who sometimes acts like a little boy I am always full of stories, Friday's I will try to pick the best of those to share with my wonderful friends here in Blog Land. Today is

"Are you a Cowboy?"

Friday's is casual days for my DH at work, jeans and an Army shirt of some sort, this is also the day he gets to wear his cowboy boots that he loves. (years before I met him he actually did some bull riding in the rodeos) You can see him all gussied up in the photos above. ( I caught him before he but his baseball cap just ignore the messy kitchen.) Well as he was getting his boots on JJ asked him if he was a return DH said do I look like a cowboy. JJ responds "Nope, you have to have a cow to be a cowboy" very straight forward. Then Connor adds "or a Horse" Dh chuckled and said do we have any cows or horses. well again very seriously JJ says "Yes" DH then asks him "where do we have any" JJ returns "we have two horses behind the couch" and truthfully we do. The horse head on a stick horses they got for christmas. (they are behind the couch because they became to rambunctious with them and they go taken away)

Now I had to stay in the kitchen while this was going on and try my hardest not to laugh out loud. Well Dh left for work and Connor turns to JJ and says "Daddy is a wannabe Cowboy" !! Too funny and all before 7am this morning, this definetly looks to be an interesting conversation day!

Friday's are also movie night around here. Pizza, movie, and popcorn of course. On tonight's list we have the family movie of Horton Hears a Who, followed by Baby Mama and Wanted (after the kids are in bed of course) Now this is a surprise for the boys, they don't know we got the movies in the mail yet, but they love it, we make a big pallet on the floor with all my quilts, they bring out their pillows, lovies, and blankets and we all get to snuggle up and watch movies.

So I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and does something fun with the family!

Till Next time!

He's Official

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Yup that's right, JJ is no officially a Karate Student...uniform and all! Doesn't he look tough. He LOVES Karate, and tries soo hard. He and his brother get to go practice with Hannah (a fellow student and daughter of one of my good friends) tomorrow. She is a brown belt and very good and she's only 10yrs old!

Now tonight at supper Ryan and I were discussing who JJ takes after more...well for those of you that know me well (mom) can you tell from this picture? Yes that is ketchup on his Mac N Cheese. Just like his mama...I could eat ketchup on just about anything and I think the little man is following in my footsteps.

Since it was Karate night, this mommy didn't do any major cooking, don't have a lot of time when we get back so tonight was fish sticks, Mac N Cheese, and cottage cheese. A favorite of the family it seems. Daddy even had 3rds, finishing off the last of the Mac N

Not a lot done on the creative side. I did get some mini jars of my White Hot Chocolate mix made up today and posted on etsy. check it out, and I stopped by the little store here in town where I have some of my items and chatted with the owner. We are going to do some crafting at the store on Saturday which I am looking forward to. Other than that not much else. Tomorrow will be about the same, other than going over to let the boys practice with Hannah, her mom and I will probably do some beading together as well. you can see some of the things I have made on my flickr..
Till tomorrow, have a good night everyone!

Great Giveaway

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Just wanted to post a quick note about a giveaway I became aware of through a fellow blogger.
The Muddy Moose is having a giveaway of some great great bath boutique basket sets! Hop on over to soon as the giveaway ends Feb 28th.

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

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Good morning blogland! Today I want to know what everyone is working on!! I just finished up a pineapple soap saver that is totally adorable. you can see it in the picture above. This is something I made for a spring contest on etsy. Voting begins on March 14th, I will be posting that day where to go and vote so keep a look out for that.

I also plan to work on my afghan some more and then make up some mini jars of my ever popular White Hot Chocolate.

I also started my quilting class last night. Though I am not an absolute beginner I am very excited about it. It runs every Tuesday night for 6 weeks, last night was just the cutting out of the pieces, but next week we start sewing together. I'll get to learn little ways to make things easier with seaming and pressing seams. (which is something I really do need to learn) It was a great group of women and I think we are all going to have a great time creating our quilts. The very last class is where we learn to machine quilt our quilts which is the main reason I took the class. I learn that and hopefully won't have to send my quilt tops out for quilting anymore.

So what are you working on? Anything planned for the week? Something just finished? Tell me all about it. I love love love comments and love seeing all the creative people out there.

Also I am having a sale in my etsy shop. All items in the sale section are 25% off, prices have already been reduced.
Happy crafting and stay warm!

My First Award from Jen

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I logged on tonight and went to read the blogs that have been updated while I was gone and low and behold Jenn over at has bestowed The Best Blog Daily Thinker Award
Now for the rules: The rules are to post it on your blog and pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers. There are so many great bloggers. The following are the 10 bloggers I have chosen in no order. If you would like this award please just grab it
So here are the 10 I picked

Tuesday's Tidbits

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Well I am tryin out a new theme for tuesdays. Tuesday's Tidbits, finding little things to do with everyday things you find in or around the house. Today's tidbit is on Duct Tape, now we all know it's the fixit go to for just about any house hold, but after doing some research i found the history of Duct Tape to be a bit interesting.

Duct tape got it's name when do-it-yourself repair people found out how well it worked for sealing off ducts in the home. The original name, "Duck Tape", came from WWII in 1942.

When cases of ammunition were ruined by rain and humidity, the U.S. government asked their supplier if they would give them something they could use to protect their provisions. The supplier sent them a green waterproof tape that the army nick named "Duck Tape" because water rolled off of it as easily as water off a duck's back. The military found countless uses for the tape while stationed overseas and new uses mounted once they returned home.
It seems the most popular use for the tape after the war was for sealing ducts in homes which prompted a few changes. The color changed from green to silver and it's name changed from Duck Tape to Duct Tape. Through the decades duct tape has remained popular because it seems there is no a job that duct tape can't handle.
The best use for duct tape I have come across is for getting rid of Plantar Warts. Before going to bed each night simply wrap the tape around your feet making sure all warts are securely covered. They should disappear within 4 to 6 weeks. The reason this procedure works so well is, the duct tape is air tight and it cuts off oxygen to the warts causing them to die.
Other things duct tape is used for are:
Patching water pipes.
Patch a holes in the pool.
Used as weather stripping around doors and windows.
To tape an alligator's mouth closed.
As temporary patch for a car body.
To hold the bumper on a car.
To tape over the mouth of the office gossip.
As a patch for mufflers and tail pipes.
To mend a broken shovel handle.
Use in an emergency to hem pants, a skirt or a dress.
To repair a vacuum cleaner hose.
For book binding.
To repair a car tail light.
To stop a leak in the garden hose.
To repair a tear in a tent.
For a bandage when you don't have a real one handy.
Use as a patch on clothing.
To keep rubber boots from leaking.
Repair holes in inflatable water toys.
To tape an annoying person to the wall.
To remove lint from clothing.
Reupholster furniture.
Wrap Christmas presents... they'll never get them open.
Fly catcher. Just hang from ceiling in the cottage.
Tape warranties to the back or underside of new appliances.
Fix holes in the wings of airplanes.
Replace webbing in lawn chairs.
Use in place of wax for removing unwanted hair.
Patch holes in the toes of ballet shoes.
If you are out riding and your horse's shoe becomes loose, secure it with duct tape until you return home.
To repair dentures.
Use strips of duct tape on the back of jig saw puzzles to keep them from falling apart.
To remove a splinter.
Toilet paper.
Temporary fix for a broken water hose under the hood

I am sure we all use or have used Duct Tape for one thing or another in our lives and will probably use it again. I know it is a staple in our house, we have a roll in the kitchen, one on the back deck and I even think my husband has a roll in the trunk of his car. What have you used it for?

(thanks to Darlen McFarlane's article at for this information)

Monday Mahem

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Well it's Monday again, oldest goes back to school and hubby goes back to work and the weeks cycle begins again. I love the weekends but always seem to look forward to getting back into the weekly routine once again. We woke up to 25 degree weather and frost on everything, i will be so happy with this cold is gone. Though I know we are no where near as cold as some of the wonderful people in blog land.

I did some more creating this weekend. One thing I made was this cute crochet cuff. It started out as a wristlet that went wrong and I decided to make this cute cuff out of it. It is available in my etsy store. I think i will be making a few more of these this week as they come together rather quickly.

I also got some more done on my afghan, here is an updated picture of my progress. I am really liking how it came out.

I am working on coming up with some special days on my blog, stay tuned for how i decide to organize it. I am working on some cool theme ideas and am now in the deciding process.
I am also nearing my 100th post, so look for a giveaway soon in celebration of that wonderful day!
Until next time..keep warm and stay creative!

Been A While

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I know it has been a while since I have posted. Things have just gotten busy around the house. I was icky for a day or so this week, youngest developed an ear infection and then I got on a creative kick so the blog was put on the back burner. Well I am making up for that now.

First off I have posted a couple of pictures of things I have made this week. Gift card/business card holders and some kitchen washcloths, both of which are available in my etsy shop. I have also been working on my afghan as well, though i don't have an updated picture of that.

I also received an email yesterday from which is an advertising site for all things handmade. The cool this is if you blog about them, then send your post to them they will give you one block of advertising free! So of course here I am telling you about it, I am still learning the ropes there, but it's a cool place to checkout.
I will also be doing a giveaway post later with the latest and greatest things I have may giveaways...soo little time!

I hope everyone had a great and productive week!

My Little Guy is Growin up

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Well I hadn't posted about the kids in a while so thought I would work on posts about each of them this week. Today it's Connor. My little man age 5 going on 15. He is all about doing things by himself now..I can do it mommy....look what I did. So I have given him a little bit of free reign. Such as brushing his teeth..he gets his toothbrush, wets it, puts the toothpaste on and brushes his teeth. He still has to wait for Daddy to do his mouthwash, but he even gets that ready and then waits.

In the mornings he likes to do his own oatmeal. From opening package, putting it in the bowl, measuring the water, and putting it in the microwave and starting it. (all with mommy's supervision of course) Today he even tried to get it out of the microwave...that is mommy's job because it's hot..his answer was to put my oven mitts on and try....a couple more inches taller and he could do it. (right now to get it in the microwave he has to tiptoe on his stool)

Then he latest chore he has taken on himself is cleaning the table after dinner. Mommy sprays it with cleaner and he takes the paper towel and wipes it all clean. Such a big helper he is. (pictured above) Shortly after dinner though it all usually hits him and he collapses (pictured below)

He wanted to share with his Yaya some pictures as well but those will be on another day as you can see he's resting with a buddy of his right now :)

More Giveaways!

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Do you like cupcakes???

Well then head on over to They are giving away this gorgeous necklace for Mardi Gras!
Also check out for your chance to win a gorgeous necklace!!

Newest Afghan in progress

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Well since my crochet items are getting good views and I am getting great feedback on them I decided to try and further my abilities. I found this shell afghan pattern at JoAnne's and figured I would give it a try. Here is what I have for progress. I have 11 more sets of the three colors to do, but now I have the pattern down so it shouldn't take long.

I also made up some more White Hot Chocolate today as I had sold out of it in my Etsy shop and had a couple more requests for it. It is so delicious!

Other than that it has been a laid back weekend. Hubby got our gutter that fell down in the wind storm last week fixed. Yay! Cream of Chicken with noodles over toast was for supper and now we have a Pokemon marathon we promised the boys they could watch before bed. I'll be plugging away at my afghan while they watch it.

Also another giveaway has been found over at for a set of mini thank you cards. They are soo cute. Hop on over and enter.

And I am doing fairly well on my diet soda, I have cut down to only one a day, and have been that way for the past 4 days. I just can't shake that last one yet. Oh well, one a day is better than having a 2 liter per day.

Have a great evening and I will post again later. Keep the comments coming.

Productive Saturday

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Well it has been a productive day. I finished 3 projects today. Well ok one I finished yesterday but didn't get pictures till today. First I finished the special order cap from a customer on Etsy. Second I finished the afghan I was making and third I made a scarf and rose pin to go with it today. All in all I feel pretty good about today. Can't wait to start my next project.
Hope you were all as productive as I was in whatever you were doing today. :) Keep the comments coming I love seeing the feedback on my creations.

Happy Valentine's Day

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I wanted to wish all my wonderful blogland friends a Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you take that extra time to show the one's you love how you feel and how much you appreciate them today.

My DH has to work today 8 to 8 so we did our Valentine's last night. Now usually my hubby usually has a difficult time buying gifts for me, and this year I told him to make it simple. Here is what i received last night. I have to say I'm impressed, he even did the wrapping himself! I was very happy with what i got. He got me a book that i had been looking at for a while, the newest from J.K. Rowling. (yes I am a Harry fan), a little journal in my favorite color of purple, and of course chocolate, the good kind!
Now I feel bad because I didn't do any special wrappin on his, He got a cute card, a small box of chocolates, and a rain check for a supper and dessert of his choice. The boys got him a card and a bag of peanuts in the shell. (they had ulterior motives for that, they love eating them with daddy)

I also got another great early Valentine's present on Ebay. Yesterday my shop on etsy was Sneak Attacked. Here's a brief description of a Sneak Attack:

Wondering what a sneak attack is?Three days per week, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is chosen as a "victim,” and at a given time multiple buyers all visit the site and buy one or more items each, resulting in a whole slew of surprise business in a very short time. It’s a great way to give a big boost to a new Etsy shop!
Yep, I checked my email last night and had 4 sales in no time. I was sooo excited! Really made my day. Plus I had a special order request and I just finished another special order so that puts me up to 6 sales. I think that is pretty good considering sales have been slow for all etsians lately. So I will be packaging things up this weekend to send out on Tuesday when the post office opens up. How exciting!
Happy crafting to all, and enjoy your day!

Giggle Fest

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Ok so I know I have posted twice today, but I just couldn't help myself from posting another. With Valentine's day almost here and doing the boys' valentines, how could I forget my four legged best friend on Vday? Well I found the cutest toy at Wal Mart when I was picking all the things up for the kids' valentines and I just had to get it for Samson. I don't know how many of you remember the Pet Smart commercial with the toy "bo bo"? Well this is a red version of it and I couldn't resist giving it to Samson today. Now he can be picky on his toys so I wasn't sure if he would like it...well take a look and you tell me.

The second picture is him in action retrieving his bo bo and jumpin up to the couch to get me to throw it

He just made me giggle to see him take to this toy so much. Especially when he looks at you like "what are you laughin at mom?" Hope it put a smile on your face too!

Becoming Fit and Toned

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Well to continue with my Becoming Healthy theme from yesterday, I got to thinking that Yoga helps us in many ways but many of us don't have a lot of time to excercise, go to the gym, or even stop and do a full workout video. I am one of those people, there are some days that I need something quick to do to keep me in the routine. Plus i wanted something that can help with my arms. I found this great article that shows 4 simple excercises we can all do and that can start showing results in just a couple of weeks. Check it out here. Small steps is the way to go. If you are like me starting a full fledged workout schedule will tank within a week because it's just hard to stick to. But little things we can do in 10 minutes here and there will be more effective.

I have made it through my first day without diet soda. It wasn't too bad, though I do have to say I was craving it about 8pm last night. I have to say the little packets you can get to flavor your water made a big difference. I also made up a pitcher of one of those juice cocktails and used that to add a bit of flavor as well. The kids even liked that!

My next step will be to start a food journal. That will begin next monday. (I am giving myself this weekend of no guilt) I have seen many articles that say those that keep a food journal loose 2 to 3 times more than those that don't. Wish me luck!

Valentine's Is Upon Us

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Well for the kids that is. Yes I mean those valentine's parties at school. Today is JJ's valentine party at preschool, so the good mommy I am I decided to make up these cute little cups with candy and valentines inside for his class. Of course there are only 5 in his class.

Connor's party is tomorrow. I didn't get as creative with his class valentines as there are 20 kids in his class, but I made up these little bags that include a cute valentine pencil, heart shaped sucker, big candy smarties, valentine and a little temporary tatto.

I had so much fun making these, but am at a total loss as to what to do for my hubby. Aside from wrapping myself in a big pink bow...the man is so hard to buy for. I suppose it will come down to making him a supper of his favorite foods and some sort of decadent dessert.

I hope everyone has a great valentines day! making sure you show the one's you love how much you really do appreciate them.

Getting Healthy with Yoga

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Good morning all! It's been a couple of days since I have posted. I have been busy creating and workin on a special order I recieved. Yay! I titled today's post Getting Healthy because, well that's my goal this year. One step at a time of course. This week I am going to attempt to kick the diet soda habit. There are so many ways to flavor your water these days that I figured it would be easier. Wish me luck.

Also I realized I need to strengthen my core muscles. After attempting a new yoga pose yesterday that I got from my friend EZ over at, who has inspired me to get in shape, I realized how out of shape I am in. The pose was fairly simple till I had to attempt to come back up using my ab muscles. Whew...let's just say I wasn't completely successful. Practice Practice Practice though and that's what i intend to do. The great thing about Yoga is that you can do a few minutes at different times throughout the day when it's needed or when you have time! Take a look at her blog if you have time as she will be updating it with different simple meditations and poses for us beginners as she goes on.

A couple of my favorite poses are Warrior Pose as well as Tree Pose and finally Sun Salutation. Now this last one is a little more difficult, and I am still working on it, but I like the fluidity of the movement. So far those are the ones I have learned and aspire to learn more and do them better.

I wish everyone a good day and happy crafting. Keep the comments coming, I absolutely love reading them. i will try to catch up on everyone's posts today as well.

Tupperware Giveaway

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Yes that's right. I found a Tupperware Giveaway. Head on over to WillowLakeScents here: and enter. Who doesn't love Tupperware? A great way to organize your Kitchen. I still have the Spaghetti Dispenser that my mom had when I was growing up! Yep it's on my counter with spaghetti in it at this moment!

Not Me Monday

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Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I saw this on another blog and thought it a great idea. So here goes my Not Me Monday post!

So here is my first Not Me Monday post. This is what I did not do this weekend.

I DID NOT spend umpteen hours workin on a new crochet hat pattern and make two of them this weekend.

I Did Not leave the pictures my father sent me from my parent's vacation in Hawaii up on my computer imagining I was sitting at the beach.

I Did Not fall asleep in the bath tub for 20 min Saturday night at 9pm.

I Did Not stay up way to late both Saturday and Sunday night reading through blogs and posting on my etsy forums. Not Me.

I Did Not send my husband outside yesterday with the kids to get an hour of quiet in the house so I could clean and do laundry in peace, nope Not Me.

I Did Not send my husband emailed hints on what I want for valentines day. :) I would never do that.

I Did Not stare at my kitchen bar thinking I really should clean that and then put in a movie and sit and watch it with the kids. Nope that's not my style.

That is what I Did not do this weekend!

Giveaway Winner Announced

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Well I couldn't wait until tomorrow and since I'm still up tonight I thought I would go ahead and draw the winner. Through random number generator the winner is.......
Be on the look out next month for another giveaway. This one was so much fun I think I am going to make it a monthly endeavor!

Just a Few More Hours

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Just a few more hours to sign up for my giveaway. Comments will be closed at 10pm central time tonight so if you haven't signed up yet, click the picture on the right hand side and leave me a comment! Drawing will be done tomorrow morning. :)

My Project Progress

Author: Miranda /

As promised here is an update on my projects today. I am almost finished with my afghan, one more skein and i think it will be just right for a lap cover up. Here is the progress so far.

I also received a pattern for a newsboy cap in my email today from an Etsy friend. Thanks Macri! Here is how my first attempt worked up. Now it calls for 100% cotton yarn...of which I had none so I used I am sure it will work up differently with the correct yarn (cause it's not as thick) but this gives you the idea. Now I do have to admit the visor part gave me a heck of a time, but i am sure with practice i'll get better. Here are just a couple of pics, the last one showing I am really not a hat

That has been my work for the day. While the boys played camp in their bedroom I crocheted my little heart out. Now to just sit back and watch a movie before crashing in bed tonight. Wishing everyone in blogland a great weekend. And keep those comments coming!

Giveaways Galore

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Just a reminder there are only two days left for my giveaway. comments will be closed Sunday night and I will draw a winner on Monday. Click the button on the right to take you to the post. Good Luck to all.

Plus while perusing through blogland I have found a few more giveaways. is featuring a great etsy shop and the shop has been nice enough to donate one of her custom designed hand bags to give away. Contest ends on the 11th so sign up quick!

And Zen Cupcake is giving away a cute pair of cupcake earrings that will be packaged in the box you see and sent in the quilted bag pictured. How cute!! Just click the pic and it will take you to the post to sign up on.

Ryan over at I'm just a Guy Who Quilts is having this great prim giveaway as well! You can click the picture and it's the Feb 1st post. I have the perfect place for all of these great items so good luck to me :)

Also check out Audrey's Country Crafts, she has done a lot of research and found quite a few more giveaways out there in blogland. Hop on over and find something you love and enter. Her button is on my sidebar.

I will update my projects later today when I get pictures done. :)

A Piece of my History

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As I was searching for a blanket last night to curl up with in the cold I opened my trunk and found this. My great grandma Brownie made it for my high school graduation. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I hope that she is looking down on me as I attempt to learn to quilt myself.
Her name was actually Fern Brown, but as the story goes when I was little and mom asked me who she was I said..."Grandma Brownie" and it stuck! She had me bring her some of my mom's clothes I wanted incorporated into it. The rest of the squares would be made up of scraps from her own clothes. I remember picking out a dress I loved from my mom's closet and it turned into many squares like this one.
And if I remember correctly I also took a plaid shirt that mom no longer wore and it became squares like this.
And the rest of the quilt is made up of Grandma Brownie's pants, jackets, and became squares like these

Now I was given this quilt many years ago and it has held up through many moves, to college, back home, back to college, and back home again. From apartment to apartment, city to city and it has weathered the storm wonderfully. Out of all my quilts and blankets it is still my most favorite to curl up with and talk about keeping you warm! So many memories are in this quilt. I look at it and remember going to Grandma Brownies house with my two cousins to learn how to bake a pie from scratch. Learning from both Grandma Brownie and my Grandma Jackie (my dad's mom and her mom) Playing Kings on the Corner on the card table in the middle of the living room. Family get togethers when my cousins and I hid out in her spare bedroom and gossiped all day long. And her famous banana bread that she made my dad and his brothers and sister for christmas every year! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside remembering those times. Both Grandma Brownie and Grandma Jackie are greatly missed!

I just wanted to share a bit with everyone today as I was feeling a bit nostalgic after pulling this out last night :)

Talented Tuesday

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It has been a couple days since I have posted. We spent the evening Super Bowl Sunday at a friends house watching the game with them and another couple. The boys played with their daughters and had a great time. They played doctor (white coat and all) they played spy, and house. We enjoyed the game and company of everyone there. All around it was a great, laid back get together.
Yesterday JJ and I decided to make mini cinnamon rolls, thanks to a recipe from Ms. Paula Dean. Boy were they yummy!!

After getting JJ's quilt top done I took a break from making things for a day, but soon started on another shawl with this gorgeous yarn I found, it is workin up very nicely. I can't wait to see it all finished.

Not much else to report at this time. Try to stay warm.

Ready for Quilting

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Well i now have JJ's quilt ready to be quilted, I was originally going to tie quilt it but decided I am going to try and find someone who can actually quilt it for me. The reason being I made it so that it can be reversible and if I tie it then it won't look quite right. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Today we are going over to a friends house for a super bowl get together, so i am making chocolate lush and chili cheese dip to take. MMM yummy. Not much more to report, but i did want to share my finished quilt top and backing :)

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