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It has been a while since i have posted. I have been workin on some crochet projects. I have included some pics. a couple of shawls and a few next attempt is going to be a baby doll blanket. All of which i am going to be posting to my etsy store Primitive Junkie. (i have nothing posted there yet, but will soon) I have been busy with connor and jj and their schools, volunteering, goin to eat lunch with connor and dealing with his teacher and principle on some issues they feel were "problems" but in all reality are just normal 5yr old traits. I am finding that the schools down here don't seem to want to take the time to work with each child as they need to be and so I am trying to be as involved as i can so that my son can get the best possible experience as he can. JJ is doing well, is having issues with sharing the soccer ball outside at school, but his teacher just loves him. And he has been invited to a birthday party for two of his classmates, he is really is Oct 4th at the local pumpkin farm. they have old time buildings and a play area, hay maze, buffalo, horses, mules and fun things like that and you even get to take a ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins if you want. It should be very fun and he is very excited to be goin to a party with his friends.
We also have an Old Threshers weekend here called Old Timers Day that i have donated a door prize for to try and get my name out there for Mary Kay and slowly build up a client base.
Ryan gets home late friday/early saturday morning and the boys are very excited about that, connor can't wait to show him that he has had a very good week so far and he says he is goin to work hard to have good days tomorrow and friday. He has two different reward charts at home, one is weekly..if he has 5 good days in the week he gets a new song downloaded on his little fisher price mp3 player and we also have a puzzle that he earns a puzzle piece each day he is good at school and at home and when that is put together he can choose either a new cd or movie (the puzzle is 12 pieces all together) he can't wait to get his new song and so i think that it will motivate him to do his best which is all i ask of him. connor has two field trips in October, on the first they get to walk to the Fire Department behind the school and see the fireman and trucks and then on Oct 17th his class goes to Bottom view Farms, and i will be a chaperone on that trip...the life of a supermom really begins now....and as my mom tells me will last for the next 18yrs or more.
On a side note I am currently watching the David Blain special and this man is just amazing and insane at the same time. Makes me really believe in magic, makes me wonder if Jamie ever took his magic anywhere....remember the levitation picture in the dallas paper?? wonder if i could find that again, would be great for the scrap book. Anyway enjoy the pictures, post your
comments and words of support cause this mommy is gonna need it.
"God didn't have time to create a nobody....just a somebody" ---Mary Kay Ash


Bren said...

Hi my little Chickadee!!! You just keep doin' whatcha gotta do and all will work out.

Love the scarves

Luv Ya, Mom

Miranda said...

Thanks mom, and i will i promise!

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