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Yesterday was report card day and Connor's was good, he has mastered all the areas they have been workin on but needs improvement on following directions, doing work without disturbing others, listening attentively, and following conversational rules. Imagine Other than that he had a great report and that equals like an A/B honor roll which at karate means he earns a red star for his uniform and keeps him on track for his next belt. I like that his karate teacher ties in school with progress in class as well. He needs one more stripe on his current belt before he can test for his next jr belt. I feel that will happen soon, he had a great night last night and was in a good mood when i dropped him off today. He knows that as a reward for a good report card he gets to add one song to his Fp3 player and if he has 5 good days at school he gets to add another one on friday. Thursday is grandparents day at school, but since my mom and dad are on the road Connor has decided to invite one of our neighbors to go have lunch with him, he decided he wants to as Miss Hallie Mae from next door to go with him, so we will walk over after school today so he can do so. I think she will be very happy to have him invite her. She is a very sweet older lady and just loves the boys. I still have a terrible cough from my sinus issues from last week so I have decided it may be best if I don't help in Connor's class today, but plan on going in on Thursday while JJ is in preschool.
Connor has started his christmas list to Santa, it is fun to see what he wants and he loves to look at the list as we add things, and of course it is a long
As far as crafting I am currently workin on some fun fur scarves, a pink and white one and a red and black one, they go so fast. Just something to keep my hands busy. :)
ryan made it home late last friday night and the boys were so happy to have him back, we had a great weekend and are now back to a somewhat normal schedule. but it's great to have him back home!

Well it's time to take the little rugrat to school, wishing everyone a great day!


Bren said...

Great Job Connor!! Yaya is so PROUD of you and a red star for your Karate uniform!!

Mommy, glad you are feeling better!

Connor, if you have a good week all week, I'll buy you a download for your FP3 too!

Mom (aka Yaya)

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