Columbus Day Break

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It has been a bit since i have posted. The days go by so fast, it's hard to believe it. Connor is doing great in school, no major issues so far this month, and today i have parent/teacher conference with his teacher, I expect a good talk today. He has finished his behavior progress puzzle and chose a CD to download yesterday, he was so excited. Now he wants to to a puzzle of a picture of himself, JJ, and YaYa in her truck..we will have to work on getting that taken the next time mom and dad stop by. :)
I am almost finished with my pink scarf and have started another project, with the economy as it is, money is a little tighter and i wanted to redo the pillows i have in my living room so I am going to make new pillow covers for them, the first i am workin on is a stitched pillow cover, i have included pictures, i combined 4 patterns that my mom sent me, i thought that they would cover most seasons so i could keep it out year round, i am not sure what i am going to do for the others yet, I have about 4 i need to do, i also still need to figure out what fabric to use for the back...that will come once I have the stitching done.
I believe the boys and i are going to make pumpkin bars today with homemade cream cheese frosting...i am excited about it and they love to help add ingredients and was the dishes...we also have bird houses to paint on this Columbus day weekend...i need to find a few more projects to do though, ideas are always welcome.

Connor has started his Christmas list for Santa already, it is so fun to hear all the things he can think of that he wants, he wants a real mp3 player, a cars alarm clock, a new lamp for his room, among many other Santa will be busy this year.
That is about it for now, time for more coffee for this Mommy and to start planning next weeks menu so I can get my grocery list ready.
Until next time, keep crafting!!


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