Candy Overload

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Well we had a very successful Halloween as you can see! We started the evening by going over to Kristy's house (another Karate mom) and having Chili and sandwiches to prepare for the evening of trick or treating ahead. Then a little bit of playing for the kids outside and then we were off at around 6pm. Straight across the street was a house with fog, strobe lights, and great music playing. I found out he is the local DJ, it was great to have all the Halloween classics going, Adams family, Ghostbusters, Thriller, etc and on top of candy the boys got glow in the dark necklaces. then down the left side of the street, back up the right side, and down two other streets, most houses were tame but we did encounter one house where mommy had to intervene, they had They had some adults dressed up as Mike Meyers, Pinhead, and the guy from Chainsaw Massacre, chainsaw included....yup this mommy walked up with the kids and being the supermom i was defeated the bad guys so the kids could retrieve their candy then down the final street and two hours later, loaded down with candy both the superhero's and their parents were pooped out, but they had sooo much fun and couldn't wait to get home and see all their loot.

We did see one idea that we all think we will adopt next year, one family had hooked up a small trailer to a 4wheeler and were driving that around the neighborhood letting the kids off at each house...definetly something we are going to adapt next year. Kristy has the trailer and Tiffany has the 4wheeler, a couple bails of straw in the trailer and we would be set. What a great idea.

Today we get the final things for JJ's bday party tomorrow besides the cake, we pick that up tomorrow morning. Origionally i was going to have the kids create their own life size superhero by having them lay down on a big piece of paper and drawing around them, but the paper roll end i was going to get from the newspaper didn't make it down yesterday so we have changed the craft project to makeing sock puppets, so i need to pick up some googly eyes and pom pom ans a couple pieces of felt to cut out noses and rosy cheeks. It should be a fun day, we have some outside games to start with, then inside for coloring and sock puppets and ending with cake and presents. We have 4 little one's comeing for sure, but may have more. I have found that not a lot of people RSVP so I have planned on the full 10 kids that we invited, though I know they won't all show up. I will post pics tomorrow evening probably...i'll try not to keep everyone waiting too long for them.

On the creative side, not a lot has gotten done as I have run out of batting for projects and haven't been able to make it to a fabric store yet...probably the project for tuesday since the kids don't have school we may make a trip up to Bowling Green to stock up on a few more things.

Untill tomorrow....happy crafting


Bren said...

Wow!! Look at all that loot! Looks like they made a haul, lol. And even the MOM was in costume, good for her. What was the Daddy?


Miranda said...

Daddy was a wounded

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