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Well today has been a busy yet productive day. First off we got up, had our coffee, and started in cleanin and rearranging the house in preparations for christmas stuff. We moved a couch from one living room to another and moved all my sewing stuff into the smaller of our two living rooms with Connor's computer and a recliner. So now maybe i'll have somewhat of a sewing room. We cleaned out the guinea pigs cage and i noticed that Simon is getting to be one fat porker, we took a couple of pictures...must be a happy piggy, but he has prob close to doubled his weight since we got him, packin the pounds on for the winter i guess...lol
I went up to the little country shop today and dropped off the few things i have made up to sell, a couple of pillows, some coasters and a few placemats, we'll see how they sell or if they sell. Once i have the quilt for Connor's Karate teacher done i am going to try and get a christmas quilt done to put up there as well.
I did get a few decorations out today, still searching for a tote I know that i have with more stuff. I want to find all i have so I know what i need to get. I think i am going to make a new Xmas wreath for the door and may make up some door decorations to make them look like presents....depends on how motivated i get once i get all the little hands stitched up this week :)

Update on Samson, he is feeling much better, actually wanted lovin tonight and wanted to play with his bone...yay! I can still tell he is in pain at times, but i think the medicine is kicking in.

On a side note, Mom if you find any more bones like what he has, buy like 5 of em for me so i can have back stock here cause i still can't find em here.

till tomorrow


Jenn said...

Holy cow! That is one big guinea pig!

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