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Well it looks like it is giveaway season. Dana over at Old Red Barn Co is have a fantastic quilt giveaway...she is giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 quilts and two quilt patterns. Check her out at and be sure to enter before Nov 17th.
I have not been very productive over the last few days..haven't had the drive, i have my quilt fabrics ironed and laid out ready to be cut motivation. I may need to dig out a few wintery decorations to help get me in the mood, I have been tired lately with the gloomy overcast rainy weather. I am also waiting on the fabric for JJ's quilt and I am trying to find a design for a king size quilt for my bed...big ideas i know.

On a good note, i believe i have the boys christmas done, other than stocking stuffers! Yep that's right, i picked up the last few things at wal mart today. I have a few stocking stuffers, but want to get a few more things for the kids and i will be ready, now to just hold off the wrapping of
Ok so i had to edit this post after my blog reading to put in this link to the cutest work apron that i believe i will be attempting to make it is so cute and sounds sooo easy...check it out

that's about it for now, just an update for everyone.

Happy crafting


quitecontrary1977 said...

I love love love all the giveaways going on!! I ham giving away some stuff on my blog, too. You oughta come by!

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