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As most of you can tell I have been playing around with my blog look. Thanks to a very very good friend of mine, Jenn I have a new blog header and a sign off graphic. She was alwasy the more artistic of my friends growing up, I have known her since Kindergarten and through elementary school we were pretty much inseperable, its those types of friends you never want to lose! Plus I've gotten her addicted to the blogging scene. Check her out at http://www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/.

I just wanted to pop on quick before i took the kids to school and update. Nothing new made yet, but I will be workin on some things later today. I will post more about it later.


Jenn said...

Awww, you're so sweet! If I recall right, we go back before kindergarden. I think we actually met at the old ice cream shop/dairy queen like place that they had in Lomax forever ago and then they tore it down.

Miranda said...

You know i believe you are right! LOL

Bren said...

You are both absolutely right!! It was called the Dairy Sweet.


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