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Yep we have a surprise.....remember our "fat" guinea i post pictures about. Well He turned out to be a She and...yup you guessed it, we are gonna have babies....ugh! Just what we So ryan spent the afternoon researching what we needed to do and first off we have to seperate the off to wal mart i went to find a cage and hope i didn't have to run up the the pet store in Bowling Green, well yep I found one and everything else i needed, but after getting it home and letting him stay in it overnight I realized we prob need to get another one from the pet store becase the Wal Mart one just isn't big enough. So ryan will have to stop on his way home tomorrow and then I will take this one back to Wal Mart and hope i can return it.
I haven't been very productive on the crafting side, I got caught up in a series of books that I just couldn't put down. Yeah those of you that know me, know when I pick a book up, that's it, i don't put it down till i'm done...normally. Well this weekend it was the Twilight series...I have read the first three books and now await the 4th to arrive in the mail. I think i set my own personal record...I read the second and third books in about 6 hrs each....and it felt great. I haven't been able to sit down and read, and I mean really read in a very very long time. It felt soooo good.
So today I get back to crafting, I will be cuttin out some of the pieces for a couple of quilts i believe and keepin an eye on the pregnant guinea, from the looks of it and comparing to online info, she isn't far from giving birth....i will update of course when the event happens. At least we didn't get gerbils...giggle. (that was for mom)

Untill later...Happy Crafting.


Bren said...

Gerbils, guinea pigs, what's the difference, giggle.

Jenn said...

That's too funny! Never even crossed my mind that he was a she! How was that Twilight Series so far? I love vampire everything and heard they were good. I'd like to get the series of books the HBO series "True Blood" is based just ended until next summer...I'm bummed! Now I really need to get my hands on those books!!

Miranda said...

the series is great Jenn, if you would like I can send you the books if you haven't read them!! Like i said I have the first three so far and will have the fourth next week. Just let me know.

Jenn said...

That would be awesome if you wanted to send me the books to read! They are always out at the library when I get around to getting there.

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