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Well, I know i posted just a bit ago, but i am postponing doing an inventory of our cupboards, it needs to be done but....ack and Iwanted to post the pictures of the boys and their paper chain, they are so proud of it! Doesn't it add just that finishing touch to the tree? lol We may do more ornaments as the days go on as Connor's last day of school is this next friday.

Think i may wait till Daddy gets home to do the food inventory then i can get him and the boys settled into a game of chutes and ladders so I can do my inventory in peace....well sort of..hehe


Jenn said...

You should have them make those X-mas ornies that we had to make in grade school with the old panty hose...remember the Santa Mine still goes on mom and dad's tree every year. A cute idea for you is the ornaments my mom made when I was like in 2nd grade because she had me give one to Mrs. Rowley. She just made a little quilt square and sewed some lace around the looked like a mini quilted pillow...everyone use to love them. Might me a simple idea you could do with some scape fabric. Have a great Friday!

Bren said...

That's an awesome paper chain!! Looks Great on the tree.


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