Crazy Tuesday

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Well it is Crazy Tuesday around the house, I had the morning to myself since both boys were in school, I finished up my laundry and went through my closet, if it was too big or I hadn't worn it in over a year I got rid of I have so much room now I can hang up the actual shirts I do wear. Then it was dishes time...needed to clean up the kitchen as I have two dozen brownies to make for JJ's program tonight. Then I decided to get some pre-sewing stuffs done for some of the jean apron's i'm making. I have one done, and 3 more ready to sew the bottoms of and make the belt. Then all of the sudden it was time to pick up the kids. I mean where did the morning go??

On the guinea pig front, all are doing well, the kids and I have named 3 of the six. We have ratatoulie, checkers, and bear. Still tryin to figure out the's a slow process with the kids.

JJ's program is tonight so I am sure I will be posting pictures tomorrow of the little tike. I just hope he actually sings, he definetly knows all the motions, but never seems to want to sing for me when we practice at home. Daddy is on his way home now so he can come as well. And help me get everyone ready to go when it's that time.

So that is my Crazy Tuesday....whew and it's only 2:30pm hehe


Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a busy morning! Your aprons are going to try selling them at that little shop you found?

Miranda said...

yeah I am gonna put a few in the shop and a few online in an etsy store. Hopefully get some sold soon.

Bren said...

Can't wait for pics of the program.


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