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Well, mama guinea had her babies yesterday. We have 6 little ones now, for a total of 8, yes I said 8 guinea pigs. She had quite an assortment of colors, I haven't verified sexes yet, but will prob do that next week. Little ones go in to see the vet next week for a well check just to make sure everything is good. Mama and babies seem to be doing fine and Daddy just can't understand why he can't get to We took Daddy out of his cage last night to give him some one on one attention....see the pictures above...Samson seemed to have missed his little buddy. One of the little ones has already been named Ratatoulie (or however you spell it) cause he looks most like a rat, all white body and grayish head...not sure if you can pick him out, but I tried to get good pictures of the family.

Sewing front hasn't been too productive lately, the boys have been extremely active today so I haven't had the chance to sit down and sew, hopefully when JJ takes a nap I can get back to my quilt blocks for the xmas quilt.

I have been playing with my camera and love it! I have posted a few pictures, i just love how good of pictures it takes and how much I can control the light, focus and total content. Hopefully i can get some good family pics this weekend or next.

It is soo cold out, i hate this kind of weather, we dont' have snow, but it's that biting cold you just can't get out of your bones. I am going to try and get some pictures of the lights on the house tonight if it isn't too horrible out.

Till later...happy crafting..and hope everyone stays warm.


Jenn said...

I'm jealous...I want your camera! I can't believe how good your pics came out of your gorgeous tree. I can't seem to get a decent pic...the lights look all bonkers in my pics.

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