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We are almost back to normal, Daddy went back to work today and it's the day before school goes back into session and both the boys are so ready for school to start again. We started of the morning of with a great breakfast and getting dressed, and I had no complaints about it! Then they played a game of chutes and ladders (with a little help and referee from mom) they didn't want mom to play this time, but they said I could play Then Connor decided to work on his reading skills with his new computer game that Yaya and Papa gave be ready for school tomorrow he says. Since big brother was occupied, JJ decided to be a rock you can see from the picture. I swear that guitar was the best present he could have gotten, it could have been the only present and he would have been completely content...he has even gotten good at playin and then swingin the guitar to his back and pretending to's so funny. Connor has also made sure he knows where everything for school is, his pouch, his coat, and he even made sure I knew where is lunch box was. He wants to take lunch tomorrow because"I don't know what there having and I want to make sure I have something I like" lol.

Yesterday was sort of a lazy day, I finished up the laundry, we played some games with the boys, watched a couple of movies. If you haven't seen The Bee Movie, I suggest it for anyone with kids, it is such a cute movie, my kids loved it. I got my christmas quilt put together with the batting and backing, and then realized I don't have a needle large enough for the yarn I am using to tie it so it's put on the back burner for a bit till I get that, I will probably get the binding sewed together today so it's ready to put on when I have it tied. I also put a few things on my etsy shop, a couple scarves and shawls that I had made up to see how they will sell, so wish me luck on that. I am also going to go through the two bags of fabric I found while cleaning this last week and see if I have enough for another rag rug to put on their as well. :)

Not much planned for today, picking up a few groceries and just enjoying the last day the boys have off. We may go to the library as well, there's a new book out that I want to see if they have and find a couple for the boys to enjoy as well.


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