Icy Tuesday

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Well we woke up to ice covering everything this morning. Of course school was cancelled and Ryan's boss even called and told him not to attempt to make it in. The interstates were ok, but bridges and side roads were iffy. And then at 6:30 as we were sitting in the living room watching the news we heard, crash, bang, crunch right above us. So we run outside and about 1/2 of the branches and the very tip of our big pine tree by the house had fallen onto the roof and all around. No damage other then bending the cover on the chimney but we had branches layin on the power lines coming into the house. We still had power thank goodness. So a phone call was made the the electric company and within an hr the tree cutting guys were here. The removed the fallen branches and even trimmed a few more branches from the tree that could possibly cause more problems if the ice got worse on them. So now we have a lopsided tree. We were advised that the tree should probably be cut down as it is leaning more towards the house now or at least get a rope to it and anchor it the other way. We decided that we will have it cut down as soon as we can afford it. So my next to do once the weather has passed is to get a quote on what that will cost. So it was a very exciting start to the day :) I have included some pictures, on one you can see the ice cycles on the truck that was here, those formed just while they were at our house. But we didn't get it nearly as bad as those north and west of us in Kentucky. Many people up in the Bowling Green area are without power.

On the crafting front, I decided I needed to make something to keep all my crochet hooks in as I seem to be always hunting for the right one, so I sat down and made this...i need to get some ribbon for it so I can roll it up and tie it up. i was pretty happy with how it came out. And I will be posting my giveaway today. Make sure to tell all your friends!

Until later, stay warm.


Anji Gallanos said...

I think you guys are having more school closures than we get in Alaska. Stay warm!

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