Lost Teeth and Quilt started

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Well today started out kind of slow. Up and around, taking Connor to school then back home and checking email and etsy. Then I decided to get into gear and set out JJ's quilt and arrange it how I wanted it so I could get started sewing it. This is the design I came up with. I think it will work great for his bed, I have two rows sewn already and my goal is to get the whole top sewn together this weekend.

Then I actually got to take a nap today, i was really tired and decided to lay down about 11:30 this morning, figured that would give me an hr and a half before I had to get Connor from school, well Ryan was so sweet, he let me sleep and went and picked Connor up for me, I got up about 1:30 and feel soo much better!

Today was the 100th day of school for Connor so they did all kinds of activities with the number 100 and he even came home with a crown they made with 100 Days of school on it. Well shortly after JJ went down for a nap Connor came over to show me his loose tooth, yep it was ready to come out...I tried to pull it, but he said it hurt so I told him to work it with his tongue, while I went to make his tooth fairy pillow...shortly after he came running in..the tooth was gone! Well he must have swallowed it cause we couldn't find it anywhere...lol. So I continued to make the pillow, told him we could take a picture to show the tooth fairy and she would still leave him something for it. About 20 minutes later Ryan walks in and gives me a tooth, I figured he had found it...nope, Connor lost another tooth. So two teeth in one day, i sure hope the tooth fairy has her pocketbook with her. He was so excited, he hasn't tried to eat anything yet...can't wait till supper.

So that was the excitement for the day, I posted a couple of pictures of Connor as well, and he wanted to post the pillow...not bad for whipping it together in like 30 minutes today.
Hope everyone is warm and creative and will post again sometime this weekend.


Jenn said...

That's great...2 teeth in one day...I managed to pull that one off a time or two. The first time I lost 2 in the same day was the X-mas morning I got a baton & Chris knocked them out...lol. The quilt looks super cool!

EZ said...

Conner is the CUTEST!!! the quilt is the second cutest :D

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