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Good morning to all my bloggin friends. Today is going to be my Simple Saturday, no errands to run, just staying home, being the goddess of the house, finishing laundry and possibly rearranging a few things now that the christmas decorations are down. Connor is getting ready to go to his Karate class, since their were no classes this week because of the Holidays they are having a Make up class today...Daddy gets to take him and JJ gets to stay home with mom. He is not too happy about that. But he will get to help mommy with some things and I am sure he will forget all about it.
I am so excited, I found this great quilt store in Franklin, Ky yesterday....A Quilter's Fabric Garden. Such a cute store, great fabrics and the ladies are so nice and helpful. I picked up some great fabrics on sale, a couple of cute patterns and a quilt kit. All at half price too! Pictures are above and I also talked to the gal who does classes, they are starting a 6 week class in February for quilting. It ranges for learning to cut your fabrics to learning how to machine quilt your quilt. It's one night a week for 2 hrs each week. Sounds like fun.
On another note, we have found new homes for some of our guinea pig babies, thanks to the help of our veterinarian. He allowed me to put up a sign at the office, (after i verified if I could find new homes for them at 4 weeks) and we only have two little girls left to find homes for. That will leave us with Alvin and one of the baby boys who is currently named Cowlick, nickname Cowly. They will be moved into the boys toy room either today or tomorrow after they get their cage cleaned. :)
Well I think that's about it for now..time to go switch laundry and get some things moved while daddy and connor are out. Wishing everyone a great weekend full of fun crafting.


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