Warmer Wednesday

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It was definitely warmer today, made it to 38 degrees. Wow that's almost 40! Seems weird to call that warm weather, but I am sure it is to a lot of you out there in blogger land. The Sun shone and the wind was almost non existent.

I finished the shawl i was workin on today and it is now listed in my etsy store. I think it came out well. I just love the red color I used and the off white seemed to accent it well. I am going to have ryan help me get some pics of me modeling it to upload to etsy, the ones I have just don't show it off well enough.Now I am workin on another stitchery pattern and I will be stitching up another of my sheep ones as my first one sold rather quickly. Keep checking back with my blog as on Sunday I will be posting my giveaway!

Now I have been hearing some about this new community website MyCraft.com. I haven't checked it out myself so if you have or have a profile on it I would love to hear what you think of it. Has it helped your creativeness? Etsy sales? Is it worth the time to set up and keep it updated? I am trying to find all avenues that will help broaden my customer base for my etsy shop. Any insight would be appreciated.

We have 3 more days till it's Circus Day and the boys are so excited! They ask me everyday if we have the tickets. Saturday just can't get here fast enough. lol
Time to get back to creating. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Happy crafting!


Jenn said...

I'm not sure what that MyCraft.com is, but I've been using Project Wonderful to place ads. You bid on you auction space and if your bid is accepted the person posts your ad on their website or blog. It's different, but I've got my add on a few different sites already.

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