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Happy Friday to all!

It's that time again, Family Friday. Today I don't have any funny stories to tell, I am looking for input on an idea I am thinking of implementing for my two boys. (ages 4 and 5) At this age all I hear at every toy commercial or whenever we go shopping is "I want that, I want that" Of course they get the same reply, we can't always get everything we want. But I am thinking of implementing an allowance for each of them. I want to create a chore chart for each of them and for every week they do all their chores they receive an allowance. Such as Connor (who is the oldest) could earn $5 a week if he does all his chores and JJ (the youngest) could earn $4 a week if he does his. That way they would have their own money to spend when we go shopping and they could save for that toy they really really want. But I need help with chore ideas. Besides the keeping clothes picked up, and toys picked up. I have setting the table and cleaning the table after supper (which they would alternate daily) Checking the animals food and water to make sure they are full. I am trying to decide how many chores they should have each day. 3? 4? 5?

I really want to try and instill the idea of saving for something you really want instead of just asking and receiving. And in the process get them involved in the daily routine of the house, give them a sense of accomplishment each day.

What is your idea? I would love to hear from everyone!


capitolagirl said...

I think sometimes side-by-side chores with Mom & Dad are also a good way for kids to learn skills they need when they get older (and you get to spend time together)...maybe helping to cook dinner & assisting with folding the laundry?

BrigaBauble said...

My sister does an awesome version of this idea using a pre-fab system. She was going to make it herself but decided that with a full-time job plus 2 kids itwas worth the money--I'll get the details from her. Essentially it's a ticket system in which the kids earn tickets for various tasks, including brushing their teeth, and once they hit a specific number they get a reward. For my nephews it's usually watching a movie or playing a video game. At the same time they can lose a ticket for bad behavior (after being forewarned of the possibility.) My nephews, who will be d (end of this month) and 11 at the end of April) have been using this system for over a year and it works really well. The boys are also responsible for the nightly ticket check with mom or dad--making sure it's done. But, they can lose tickets at any time.

Sorry for the really long comment! I'll convo you with a link to informatio about the system.

Sarah and Jon said...

I used to do chores for pocket money when I was little too, with a chart and everything!

We used to have small, everyday chores (like helping with the dishes etc), with bigger weekly or monthly ones - like helping in the garden or with the laundry.

Anji Gallanos said...

Allowances didn't work for us. It seemed like we started to get too much negotiating. Like "If I wash the dishes can I get about 6 dollars for cleaning my room" etc. We also had to delineate what was just expected from living in a family and what was extra..and then there was the money issue...we never had actual cash so we always owed them..hard to track

We just did away with it. Occasionally we will buy small things at the store..but decided to just stop buying stuff (we do however have a few more "holidays" where small gifts happen). I do think kids need to learn the value of money..but it's frustrating negotiating all the time and then watching their money go to little things that end up in the trash.

I am still looking for the perfect solution.

Interested to see what you come up with..maybe we can model it.

Audrey said...

It's good for the kids to have chores, even if they don't get paid. But teaching them to save money is important too - we have one son that won't spend a penny if he doesn't have to and one that liked to spend money till he went to college and had to pay for some of it himself. Has learned how to save now.
At ages 4 & 5 my opinion would be maybe some side by side chores and possibly 1 to do by themselves a day. Don't want to make it to overwhelming.
My boys are 20 months apart - they get along now - but there were a few years I wondered why we had kids. (LOL)

BrigaBauble said...

I checked with my sister and the name of the system she uses is "Accountable Kids." Might at least spur some ideas :)

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