Nothing Special Sunday

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It has been one of those weeks, i just feel like i am chasing my tail. I am sorry my posts have been sporadic. My normal SuperStar Sunday will return next week with a fantastic shop I promise!

For today I am simply enjoying the day with the family. I did finish the sewing i needed to do on my quilt top so it's ready for class on Tuesday. It is pictured above. I am happy with how it turned out, this Tuesday we will be putting the border on and then putting all three layers together and getting it ready to quilt. Our last class is a week from Tuesday where we learn to quilt everything together, though we will be practicing on scrap pieces so it will probably be a couple more weeks till I have it all done, I will definitely post the finished product when it gets there.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and watch for my regular posts to return this week.


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