Life just happens....or Does It?

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Hello my blogland friends. I hope everyone has had a good week and is planning an even better weekend.

I am sure you are wondering about my blog title. Well I have to say it's inspired by my mom and dad, my mom just wrote a great post over at about are you a Let it Happen type person or a Make it Happen type person. That got me to thinking about what type I am and what type I want to be. She admits to being a let it happen person, but my dad you see is a Make it happen person. He decides what he wants, looks at all the angles and possible outcomes and devises a plan to get what he wants. You'll see when you read her post.

Well, I have to say that currently I am a let life just happen type person, but want to work towards that Make it happen mentality. After sitting back and reevaluating my life and the life I have created for my kids, I decided i want better. Better schools for my kids, better community for them and all around a fantastic life that they will look back on when they grow up and say, that's what I want for my kids. I can do that, I can look back on how I grew up and go, that's the freedom I want my kids to feel. So now it's onto the Make it happen mode. Well, I figured one way to do it was to right it out. The pros and cons of where we were, i.e. our town, our home, the school district, any friends we had made....and well the cons seemed to out weigh the pros.

Now I need to give a little bit of background, my hubby is military and we moved here a little over 3 yrs ago because of his position as a recruiter, well since then his position has changed and now drives 90 miles one way to work (previously it was 20 miles one way) Well that is a strain on him, on finances, and ultimately on our family, so what do we do about it. Seems simple enough...figure out how to move closer to his current position. Ok step one....scout out possible places to move to...first thing look for a great school district...then a community within that school is the housing economy...are there places to rent (as i don't want to buy again with the possibility of being moved in 2-3 yrs) What is available close for the kids...etc. So it was decided that within the next couple of weeks we are going to take a drive up to where my hubby works and then just drive around...see what is where...have lunch...scope out towns and such that make me go....i wouldn't mind living there.

So that seems to be the first plan of action....then we'll decide on the second plan if we find anyplace we fall in love with to move to. (or just that place that looks oh so cute) If there is anyone who reads that is around the Owensboro,KY area, I would love to hear from you as finding someone that I can ask questions too would be fantastic.


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