My Son is an Author!

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Yep, Connor has become a published author!! His whole class has actually. They have been working on this project for most of this year. We finally got the finished project last night and it is so cool. Connor was able to do two sections of the book and he is very proud of himself. I wanted to share his parts with all my blogland friends. Here is his first section:

And he was one of the chosen few to do another page which follows here:

Isn't that just so cute!! He was so proud and sat and read through the book about 4 times last night. But this is definitely a book that mommy is going to keep up on a shelf to save and look at occasionally. :) The kids even got to think up their own sentences for the written pages to go along with the pictures, and the picked what to draw for the letter they had. Such creativity coming from this sweet little guy.

Yup, can't help but go AWWW when you see him like
Today looks like an overcast and soon to be rainy day...hopefully i can get motivated to create some things. I did get my quilts back from the quilter, thanks to my mom for bringing them down, so maybe I'll work on getting the binding cut for the one I have fabric for, the second one I still need to find that just right binding fabric for, but I will try to take pics later to share with everyone, they came out so good!!
Hope everyone is having a good day and has an even better weekend!!


BrigaBauble said...

Awwwww, you go Connor! He's got the looks and the talent :) What a lovely idea on the part of his teacher--and such a wonderful result. Definitely a keeper!

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