Snoozy Saturday

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That's how I feel this am, just wanna lay around and snooze! But alas too much needs to be done and I have to many things that I WANT to do. So no snoozing for me. I am sorry I have been MIA this week, I have about 4 jewelry ideas I want to bring to life, I also need to finish my quilt top for the online quilt along I am doing. Here are a couple pics of what I have so far :)

still have a couple more rows to put together before i can sew it all together.

Other than that I haven't been too creative lately, this week was spent playing with the kids pretty much all week. Other than taking the oldest to get 3 cavities filled on Wednesday, which he did great at!

Hubby and I have been playing our online game WOW (world of warcraft) after the kids go to bed, so we have been reconnecting with our online friends from the's been rather nice and relaxing.

Oh I do have good news though. DH sent me an email this week letting me know that military spouses are now eligible for up to $6,000.00 in Tuition Assistance....yup that's right, so I have started researching the local colleges that have Radiologic Tech programs, I have always been interested in this field in the back of my mind. Now I may have the opportunity to train for a new career and by the time training is done, both the boys would be in school full time and it would be easier for me to go back to work! I will let you all know the progress of my decision.

Other than that I have nothing really exciting to write about. I will hopefully buckle down and get some things made this weekend, if so I will definetly post pictures for all to see. :)


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