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(this great notepad made by the wonderful
TerriTaylorDesigns simply click the picture to go to her shop)

What is on your To Do List today?
Well i have so many things I want to do, I am not sure where to start. I have all my project hopes listed on my very own Crap To Do list, I love this little notepad, you can get your very own at Terri's etsy shop, simply click on the picture to take you to her store.
I think I am just going to start at one end of the house and work towards the other, which means that this weekend i am going to work on my back porch. I have totes and boxes out there that need to be gone through, i eventually want to move my creative stations out there so I have more room to lay things out and so the inside of the house won't be so cluttered. That would be my big project, along with the daily chores of laundry , dishes, trash, and vacuuming or sweeping.
I also want to try to work on one of the patterns i got when I went back home. One of my favorite things to do when we go back and visit is to travel up to Muscatine, IA and visit The Cotton Shop. I bought a couple of kits their for wool ornaments, i want to dig those out and see what else i need to make them. I wanted something different from everything else i have been making so i thought i would try out making some things with wool. My mom seems to love it, so I thought why not try it. Though, i won't be getting them out till i am done with my goals for this weekend. So wish me luck on those.
What is on your to do list this weekend, any major projects, minor projects, new creative patterns or ideas?? I love reading what my friends are up to.

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