Just waiting

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Well we are up and around and now just waiting to take Samson (our dog) to the vet. We noticed that he wasn't his self last night and seemed to be favoring his back end and after talkin to his vet last night have been instructed to bring him in this morning for testing to see what is up with him. Yup, I didn't sleep well last night but hopefully we will find that it'something simple.
Also another giveaway, Gracie is being given away, today is the last day to sign up so click on her picture in my sidebar and enter away.
Today will be another creative day, I will be stitching my little heart out workin on Connor's karate teachers gift and probably my christmas quilt top. I will update later with Samson's prognosis and pictures of my projects.

Till then


Jenn said...

Hope Sampson's alright!

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