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Yup I found the minky that I like and bought it. Ebay is soo great for finding the things they don't have around here for a good price. It's not the paisley i was dreaming about but it is royal blue and has a great look to it. I can't wait to get it now. Now i just have to figure how I want to do the squares, I am planning on 10 inch squares, but i think some will be all one fabric and others will be mixed, the mixed are the ones i have to figure how to put together.

I also got more fabric cut for another quilt top that i think I am going to put minky fabric for the back on. This one is a christmas one and I may put it in the little store in town for sale if it comes out well.

I am also going to start workin on a gift for Connor's Karate teacher. I have gotten about half of Connor's class's hand prints and play to stitch each one on a square, sew them together and some of the parents have chipped in to buy the material for the back (again minky) and I am going to make a lap quilt for him. There are about 30 students, I know that i won't get all of their hand prints so the bottom row will be squares with the names of students i didn't get or weren't there when i was doin it. I will post pics of all as i go along. I am very excited about this project and hope i can get it done in time for christmas.

That is about it for now, time to start the van so its warm to take Connor to school, becuase it's a chilly 24 degrees outside right now.brrrrr


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