Baby, its cold outside....

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As I got up this morning and looked outside at the thermometer all I could think of is that wonderful Christmas song "Baby it's cold outside" Our thermometer read 5 degrees and the news informed me the wind chill is -8.....brrr. considering the normal for TN is in the 50's, our high of 27 is not going to be very warm. This is not one of my favorite times of year, with the drafts in our house it will be a constant struggle to keep it Dear hubby hasn't gotten to all the windows to caulk the outsides yet and he hasn't been able to look at the fireplace to see if he can fix the flu so we can seal it off for now....but space heaters, warm clothing, and blankets seem to take care of things....gets me motivated to get the rest of my blanket projects done.

Yesterday was a very productive day. DH took it upon himself to self motivate...woot...he cleaned and organized our back porch (which i have been hinting at for a while) so that we can now move our big full size freezer from my dining room to the back porch, and so that i have a clear pathway to the washer and dryer out there, he even swept the floor, put his tools away, and put down all the misc. rugs we had out there to keep the floor from not being sooo cold.( we don't have heat on our porch) I really wish I had a before picture so that I you could show you the major difference, though I am sure my mom will notice it. :) Then on top of that while i was doin the inside cleaning , you know that deep down scrub the bathroom floor cleaning, he did the laundry for me...wash, dry and folded.

The boys are patiently waiting for Santa and playing well with each other, in our cleaning yesterday Ryan and I found two of our really old cell phones and gave them to the boys to play's amazing to see what all they come up with. They have called their yaya and papa, sent txt messages and pictures to them, used them as walkie talkies and even as "rescue" computers (Like on diego). Such active imaginations....and it shows you don't have to buy the newest and best toys for kids to have fun. Today I have only the kitchen to finish up, putting away the dishes and cleaning the stove and maybe the floors if the boys work with me enough....and then I will have things ready for when the parents show up. We can't wait!

Till later, everyone stay warm and have a good day!


Jenn said...

You want cold...Come by is like -30 today and yesturday it was -40 with the windchill. Needless to say, I didn't leave the apartment all weekend!

Des said...

I think this cold weather is the perfect excuse to make MORE QUILTS. I'm always grateful I have several on every couch and bed.

Also, I think you should be making cute rice filled draft blockers or whatever they're called. Make them out of something beautiful!

Merry Christmas Mandi!

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