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Well, I can't believe it's been over a week since I have posted. So much has gone on, my mom and dad made it in last Tuesday and we had a great visit, the boys enjoyed having their yaya and papa here...Christmas eve was spent playing, making cookies and preparing for Santa to come and of course he did, just take a look at the loot he left for the boys.

And of course they got up, went out and had to tell everyone "he's been here" and the opening of stockings and presents ensued...didn't take them long to destroy the living room with their excitement....
JJ got a guitar from papa that he absolutely loves and keeps with him at most times during the day....
Connor got so much stuff he doesn't really know what his favorite is. He got his new Vsmile that is like a Nintendo DS, but he also got his own MP3 player and the new Tag Reader, those seem to be his current favorites

It was a great day, then of course Mom started christmas dinner, Ham, turkey, green bean casserole, scallop corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing....I love when mom comes, she just takes over the kitchen. Pumpkin Pie was there as well, can't have Christmas without it.

Mom and I also got some crafting done, she gave me this great kit for a rag rug that she got at and it is so easy and so fast to do, we got it done in pretty much a I am addicted to is the one I did. It sits in my kitchen in front of my sink, I meant to get a picture of what mom made, but didn't get around to it.We then of course had to go out and get more fabric to make another one, I will get a picture of my second one sometime today and post it later.

While they were here, mom and I did do some shopping, of course I had to go pick up more supplies for our litter of guinea pigs, they are growing by leaps and bounds...we got them separated we have 3 girls and 3 boys. I have decided we are keeping one of the baby boys and the daddy and will be finding good homes for the others once they are officially able to be, which is 7 weeks old, about 3 weeks from is a couple of pictures of everyone

Mom also helped me pick out a backing fabric for the quilt top i finished while she was here, so now I think today I will be putting it together and pining it so that I can tie it together, i believe that will be my next project to do, then i will just have to bind it and it will be done and I can start to figure out the design for JJ's quilt which I have had the fabric for forever.

Oh and I almost forgot, I won a drawing on one of the blogs that I follow, Quilter Taffy, I won their fabric giveaway they had before christmas and received 4 fat quarters of the cutest fabric, I now have to figure out what to make with it. They are just a wonderful array of spring can see them here... I haven't gotten a picture of them yet...i will once I decide what I am going to make with them.

On the DH side of things, he and my dad did some minor remodeling for me while mom and dad were here, they moved my big freezer out of the house out onto the back porch and then switched out the built in dishwasher we had in the kitchen for one ryan and I had when we moved down here 3 yrs ago, yay! here is a in process picture

and Yesterday was DH's 40th Bday and so we made it a lazy day for him, no to do list yesterday..hehe and he got two cards and a couple of magazines, one of course focused on his favorite nascar driver Tony Stewart, the other two were a woodworking magazine with a very cool dresser pattern in it (hint hint) and a handy man magazine with energy saving tips....and I gave him a certificate good for a 100 dollar shopping spree good at a home improvement store of his choice....(cause i don't know what tools and such he would want) I made a cake and he got his choice for supper, he started out wanting lasagna, but decided on papa john's pizza instead. It was a fun day with the family.

Today I believe we are going to be going to Lowes so that Dh can cash in his certificate and doing some grocery shopping and then just laundry, crafting and such....I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday as I did. I will post again when I have more stuff to show :)

Happy Crafting to all!


Jenn said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun filled holiday! Hopefully, I'll be able to post a blog tonight since we finally got our internet back up and running today. JJ definetely looks like a rock star with his guitar...too cute!

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