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Ok so I know I have posted twice today, but I just couldn't help myself from posting another. With Valentine's day almost here and doing the boys' valentines, how could I forget my four legged best friend on Vday? Well I found the cutest toy at Wal Mart when I was picking all the things up for the kids' valentines and I just had to get it for Samson. I don't know how many of you remember the Pet Smart commercial with the toy "bo bo"? Well this is a red version of it and I couldn't resist giving it to Samson today. Now he can be picky on his toys so I wasn't sure if he would like it...well take a look and you tell me.

The second picture is him in action retrieving his bo bo and jumpin up to the couch to get me to throw it

He just made me giggle to see him take to this toy so much. Especially when he looks at you like "what are you laughin at mom?" Hope it put a smile on your face too!


Jenn said...

My mom got her wiener dog one of those wiener dog toys for was hilarious! She goes crazy for the squeakers in both ends of her toy!

Bren said...

Samson looks so happy!!! Yep, put a smile on my face.

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