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Well to continue with my Becoming Healthy theme from yesterday, I got to thinking that Yoga helps us in many ways but many of us don't have a lot of time to excercise, go to the gym, or even stop and do a full workout video. I am one of those people, there are some days that I need something quick to do to keep me in the routine. Plus i wanted something that can help with my arms. I found this great article that shows 4 simple excercises we can all do and that can start showing results in just a couple of weeks. Check it out here. Small steps is the way to go. If you are like me starting a full fledged workout schedule will tank within a week because it's just hard to stick to. But little things we can do in 10 minutes here and there will be more effective.

I have made it through my first day without diet soda. It wasn't too bad, though I do have to say I was craving it about 8pm last night. I have to say the little packets you can get to flavor your water made a big difference. I also made up a pitcher of one of those juice cocktails and used that to add a bit of flavor as well. The kids even liked that!

My next step will be to start a food journal. That will begin next monday. (I am giving myself this weekend of no guilt) I have seen many articles that say those that keep a food journal loose 2 to 3 times more than those that don't. Wish me luck!


EZ said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! i am proud of you :D

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