Family Friday

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Well it's that time again, Family Friday! Yup where I get to gush about all the things my friends and family have done!

Well, Connor received another strip on his Jr.Gold belt last night. Sensei said he had a GREAT night in class. I am sooo proud of him! Plus he has another spelling test today that he is completely prepared for. His thirst for knowledge grows and grows each and every day!

Jackson and I have been butting heads all week, he is becoming little mr. independent and is having difficulty with the fact he isn't big enough to do a lot of what he wants to do by himself. It kills him to see big brother getting to do things by himself and being told he's not big enough But we are workin on it.

I have to give props to one of my best friends from grade school Jenn. You have heard me talk about her graphics and design abilities, but today I want to give her props for donating blood. you see Jenn doesn't like needles, at all, but she mustered the courage to go and donate at the blood drive at her work. (granted a paid hr bribe from her boss helped out) but I am so proud of her!! She wrote about it on her blog..take a and give her some commentin love.

Now for my DH, I have to write a short note about him too. you see I have been complaining that my computer has been running slow while i am on the internet, we checked it out, ran all the scans, did the repair things...and well it comes down to I have very little memory left, with all the pictures and editing I do for my etsy shop, so he went out and priced external hard drives when he went to Ft. Knox the other day and found a great deal on a huge external hard drive, but the best part is...he didn't just go ahead and buy it!!! yep he researched, priced, and then told me his findings....woohoo. I know this doesn't sound huge but with his work schedule and demand of the military I am usually the one who has to do all the research and Yay to DH.

And finally a little pat on the back for me. My etsy shop has been doing well, but what I have up at the local store hasn't been moving well at all. Well this morning I woke up to an email saying that 2 yes TWO of my necklaces sold yesterday...woot!! I was soo excited! That just started my day out perfectly!

Today's agenda is boring, clean, clean and more cleaning. It's raining outside so what else is there to do. I also need to work on getting stock made up for the strawberry festival here in May...yay!


Jenn said...

Thanks for the lovin! I'm not scared of needles...I just don't like You'll have to fill me in on where you find the best price for the external hard drives...that's the one thing I hinted around that I wanted for X-mas and I didn't get it. And of course that's when you could find the best deals on them. Graphics take up so much external is a must have!

Rose said...

Gave you an award fabulous PJ! :D Stop on by my blog!

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