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Today I have another featured shop, or I should say featured etsy artist because I am finding that each shop is more than the items in the shop, it’s the creative artists behind the shop that really make the whole experience such a joy.


I met Brig through a forum thread and immediately hit it off with her. That is one thing I am coming to love about Etsy is it’s more than people selling things, it’s a whole community in itself. Now just a side note you will notice that Brig refers to me as PJ which is what my etsy sign on has been shortened down to in all the forum threads, Primitive Junkie is quite a bit to type out. LOL

I was able to ask Brig a few questions via Conversations on Etsy. I wanted to get to know a little bit more about the creator behind BrigaBauble and here is what she had to say.

Where are you from?
Technically, I was born in South Carolina to a mother from Baltimore and a father from Vienna, Austria. We (my parents, my older sister and I) moved to then-rural Maryland when I was 10. But, my sister and I spent about 12 years of summers with our grandparents in Austria. If you ask where I feel most at home…I’d say Austria, particularly Vienna. And my first thought when someone asks where I’m from is “Austria.”
What made you want to open a shop on Etsy?
Hmmmm. Well, I had managed to build up a tiny bit of confidence in my jewelry designing and crafting skills purely because friends were trying to buy my pieces off my neck or wrist, etc. And I had two or three friends encourage me to open a shop on Etsy so I thought, “Why not?”

What is your favorite thing in your store and why?
Man PJ, all these tough questions! OK, at this moment in time my favorite piece is my “Something Old and Something New Bracelet.” (

I love it because I used parts from an old bracelet that I picked up somewhere along the way and semi-precious round unakite beads to make a bracelet that feels both vintage and modern.

What keeps you going when things get slow?
Well, to be honest, sales in my Etsy shop have always been rather slow since I only just started some online marketing efforts and still need to try offline ones as well. Two things keep me going: positive feedback from my customers and the fact that I love designing and making jewelry. I’m a bit “Type A.” Some days, more than a bit. Crafting in all forms has a positive, calming affect on me.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of opening a shop on Etsy?
All of the tips I’m writing here are an example of, “Try doing what I say, not what I did;” if you want sales that is.• Open your shop once you have a clear marketing plan—will save you time in the long run. • Build up your stock to at least 20-25 items before you open. It can be really frustrating to go to a shop and find only a few items to choose from.• Spend time in the forums—read everything you can in the “business topics” and “critiques” forums. You’ll get so much useful advice and meet some awesome artisans.• Compare prices among shops that list in the same category that you will. This will make you more confident in your pricing. Also, read the “shop policies” of many different shops and be ready to post yours when you open.• If you’re not a designer, hire one to create your banner and avatar. There are so many talented designers on Etsy who charge incredibly reasonable prices for their work.

This is great advice for anyone wanting to open a store. Having a good variety to start with and promoting your butt off is what will get you going and get the sales coming in.

What is the idea and creative inspiration behind your sterling silver and amethyst rosary?You know, I’m really glad you asked me this PJ. I design and create Catholic rosaries, rosary bracelets and rosary necklaces in addition to Anglican prayer beads, which are referred to by some as “Anglican rosaries.” My goal in creating these beautiful, intricate pieces is to offer high-quality, affordable pieces to two niche markets while staying true to myself and not pretending to be someone I’m not.The first rosary I made was in garnet and sterling silver and was a gift for my mom, a devoted (yet liberal) Catholic. I have personally witnessed how my mother’s faith has helped her to find the strength to deal with difficult times. I deeply admire my mother and her faith. But my religious pieces come from my respect of faith rather than a faith of my own.

Etsy shop:



I pictured just a few items of Brigs that I love, hop on over and check her out. If you find something you just have to have, tell her PJ sent you. And go check her blog out, I only aspire to write posts as well and as informative as Brig does


BrigaBauble said...

Thanks PJ. Your kind words really mean a lot. I'm looking forward to writing my next feature on YOU!

Eh em, as you all know, Miranda has impeccable tastes. Why not stop on by my shop on her recommendation? Just say Miranda (or PJ) sent you and you'll get 10% off your purchase!

Refund by PayPal

glassidentities said...

Beautiful feature PJ :) Briga, I love your shop and have enjoyed getting to know you on the forum :)

KanYoFuse said...

Great feature PJ. I have purchased two amazing pieces from Briga as gifts. They are absolutely stunning.
Check out her shop and see for yourself.

Rose said...

Briga your items are always so gorgeous! And now I feel like I know you ever better! Woohoo thanks PJ!

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