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Hello my blogland readers. I have been MIA the last few days and I apologize for that, things have just been hectic around here! But I am back on track and back to my blog posting! Today's theme is of course Whatcha Workin on Wednesday, or better yet, what have you worked on since last Wednesday.

Well I had quilt class last night and our quilt tops are coming together nicely. I got two rows sewn together last night and have 3 more to go for next weeks class. Only two classes left for me, next week we will be putting the whole thing together getting it ready to learn to quilt it and the last class we actually learn the whole quilting process. I am excited for that. Below is my quilt so far. I think it's going to come out well and be perfect for hanging in front out our fireplace here in the living room.

I have also been creating more jewelry items for my shop which will be added later today. I absolutely love creating things for my etsy shop and am happy to say I am up to 28 sales so far. How awesome is that!! Especially in this economy knowing that people love my creations as much as I love making them is such a rewarding feeling.
Keep a look out for my Feature shop in tomorrow's post. I am also still working on my Easter Giveaway, I have some great Etsy shops participating and am very excited about it. I will post a little more about it later today!
Keep the comments coming, I love reading everyone's thoughts and opinions!


BrigaBauble said...

Your quilt is looking delightful PJ, and you know I love your jewelry (especially since I special-requested a pair of those zebra-stripe earrings). You're inspiring me to attempt to take a sewing class since I have only the most basic of skills and really want to learn. Love reading your blog :)

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