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Well as most of you have noticed I have been MIA for the past few days. Well I had to take my good ole laptop up to the Computer Dr's here in town to be looked at because it just wasn't running right, but it's all fixed up now and I have her back, so later tonight I will get to start uploading all the pics I have take over the last few days. So watch out yaya and papa pics of todays easter party at school will be on their way tonight after karate.

Also i hope to get a post up later on the laundry room swap I was in, i got my package today and wow my partner is awesome!!! such primitive and creative little decorations i can't wait to put them around my washer and dryer area on the back porch, look for pictures later today!

Also while we are on the prim creative geniuses, you all have to check out my mom's new selling about creative to the core, that is my mom! Everything from patterns to already made decor, she's got it with more to come...Check her out and give her some blog love and don't forget to follow her so you know every time something new gets added!!

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BrigaBauble said...

I had been missing reading your posts :) So cool about your mom! Gonna head on over and give her some blog love, Miranda. :)

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