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Hello all my blogland friends! I decided to title today's post Happy Friday! It has been a busy week here at my home and I am hoping next week I can get back on track with my normal daily posts, but the boys are on spring break so we will see how well that goes :)
Today I have to share some things with you. I participated in a laundry room swap over at The Pickled Pepper Patch, thanks to Char! Well yesterday I got my package in the mail! My partner was Marie over at Spun by ME and I just had to share what she sent me, it is all sooo great and her package was so primitive, she used pieces of old quilts and pieces of brown paper sacks to wrap things up and pack them in the box, so here is my show and tell....now isn't she just so creative!!

Now please excuse the shadows in the pictures, i took these rather quickly yesterday so that I wouldn't forget. But I am sure you see what wonderful things she sent me....I can't say enough about her creativity, I especially love the old labels she printed up for me. I have a few old fruit crate labels in my kitchen so this is very very cool to me. But I love everything, I can't wait to put everything up, my washer and dryer are in a corner of our back porch so these will cheer it up a bit. I will post a pic once I have everything situated.
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Have a great and creative day
Miranda aka PJ


Flamingo Junction said...

Great stuff PJ! Looks like it was a fun swap.

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